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About careBra

The Idea

…came from the many girls and very young ladies who look for (and find) trendy and reasonably-priced items in our main lingerie shop. Italian lingerie and bikinis are particularly popular. Even my youngest niece, who would love to live in the funky fashion metropolis which is London, encourages and pushes the careBra online forwards.

Young Dessous - dessous for young people

Hello Dear Customers,

careBra is our newest venture and the one responsible for it every day is me, Marianne Schell.

I particularly enjoy this,

…because for me advising on and selling lingerie and swimwear is one of the loveliest things - lingerie in particular

  • + beautifies the body
  • + gives more body awareness
  • + gives pleasure
  • + forms and accentuates my customers’ bodies
  • + can give an essence of sensuality and finesse

Everything began in 1991

My husband and I used the time of change after the Reunification and moved from West to East. Over the last few years, we have opened a number of Medical Supply shops in Saxony and Brandenburg, but it’s the lingerie departments which are my particular favourite.

I could then finally do what I had always wanted to do:

  • work with new materials, lace and silk with new designs
  • work with people

I love colours and unusual materials. I work in a straightforward way and use shortcuts.

In the centre of Dresden

I have my main shop.

Einblick in einen unserer Dessous Läden in Dresden

This lingerie shop also houses my online shops, www.magic-dessous.de , www.magic-bademode.de , www.magic-lingerie.com und www.young-dessous.com zuhause.

My husband also has his health and medical supplies shop there. www.sanivit.eu, www.sanivit.fr

Thousands of visitors pass our shop windows every hour, many come in, try on and buy the beautiful items from our lingerie and swimwear world.

ein weiterer Einblick in unseren Dessous Shop

The emphasis in my Lingerie shop

  • Colour and more colour with trendy lingerie: clever, delicate lace, transparent visuals to sporty models
  • ingenious cuts for bikinis and swimwear which gently form the body and show it to its best advantage

To roam and wander on the beach is so excitingly lovely - to show yourself and be seen in a contemporary look increases body awareness and self-confidence

My customers

…are natives, tourists, the entire internet community from teenagers to mature ladies – beauty and daring knows no boundaries, nor age or nationality.

It’s exciting for me

  • to keep up with the times
  • to be open to new things
  • to experiment with the collections of young designers
  • to find trends and present them to my customers
  • when you call

I also enjoy

  • good food
  • fish in all its varieties, pasta and dry red wine
  • desserts – I never say no to these!

I particularly look forward to your visit to our main shop (Rehaland/Magic-Dessous) or to one of our internet shops.

Please give me a call on 0049 - (0) 351 - 4904208

Warmest regards,
Marianne Schell



United Kingdom / USA

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  • 0049 - (0) 351 - 490 42 08


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